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High data security? Of course. Our difference lies in making mountains of legal information easily available and effortlessly useable. Let's chat about your next project

Experience with innovation

We keep the whole process – from discovery to delivery – in-house, so you get the same high standard and one-team approach throughout.

We've worked closely with several legal businesses, building long-term working relationships. When it comes to such an exacting sector, it pays to have relevant experience on your team.

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Legal projects in action

Quantum: A leap ahead for legal software

Our legal projects include taking Class Legal's desktop application Quantum online, adding speed, fresh features and improved user experience, as well as enabling it to be updated more quickly in response to rapidly-changing case law.

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Who we've worked with

We're not just developers. We're your partners in innovation

What we do

What gets us out of bed in the morning is the diversity of what we do. We relish solving fresh challenges every day, because no two projects are ever really alike.

It's true that sector specialisms help us to hit the ground running, because we already understand much of the jargon, restrictions, regulations and objectives, but we never sit back and take a 'one size fits all' approach.

So whether you're looking for a rapid prototype or an all-bells-and-whistles app, we'll bring our skills and experience to your team. We'll start by helping you to imagine possibilities you might not have thought of and we'll work with you to refine your vision, as well as design, scope, budget, plan and troubleshoot your solution.

We're not the only software engineers in the world. But we've been around a while now (with the scars to prove it!), plus we work extremely hard on the upfront scoping that helps the build itself to run as smoothly as possible.

When you work with us, you can be confident that our in-house team does everything, from that honest advice at the outset, to uncompromisingly delivering what we promised.

From day one, our team will be by your side, with our shared commitment to robust - and meticulous - excellence.

Bridging the gap

You are the undisputed expert in your business. And you've got a clear vision of what you want your digital product to do for you. Our job is to use our expertise to get you there.

We take our work- and our relationships with our clients - very seriously (even though we've got a sharp sense of humour about ourselves). Different phases of a project call for different skills and attitudes, but one thing that runs through it all is our commitment to telling the truth.

We'll always give it to you straight, no matter what. We don't claim to know everything about your business but we know ours. We care about getting you the right result, doing the job properly and delivering exactly what we say we will.

Embracing tough jobs

If you've got sensitive data, or work in a regulated industry, we can help.

Our certification includes some of the most stringent security requirements in the UK: ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus and registration with the NHS DSP Toolkit.

Out in the wild, that means we're able to work with very sensitive data, such as health records files, legal files and financial information. You can, of course, trust us to keep your data secure, but you can also feel reassured that the system we build you will be armoured with the most robust protection against fraud and attacks.

We also have ISO9000 certification, which acts as our basis for continual improvement when it comes to quality management and assurance.

Agile at the core

Not all of our projects are Agile end to end (it simply doesn't work in some cases) but everything we do is run in an Agile way internally.

Our development teams are small and mixed-function, with a combination of developers, user experience and QA in each. We're firmly committed to autonomous teams, assigning their own tasks and refining the details internally. That trust for our people is what Isotoma is built on.

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