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Our work spans almost every sector, but we've got to know some particularly well.

Even on familiar ground we know you'll have unique needs and challenges. Bring them on.

Our certifications for ISO2700, ISO9000, Cyber Essentials Plus and registration with the NHS DSP Toolkit means we can work with and create systems for the most sensitive data, with robust protection against fraud and attacks.

Whether you need a quick prototype or a comprehensive app, we'll bring our skills and experience to expand and refine your vision.

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Our rich portfolio of healthcare-focused projects embodies cutting-edge technology, unique project needs, and robust data security measures.

We've crafted tools ranging from nurse-facing guides to sophisticated illness-detecting machine learning applications.

We champion enhanced accessibility, innovating beyond WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines for improved system access and usability. We make sure healthcare professionals can access crucial information whenever and wherever needed.

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We work with a range of legal software providers, from industry-standard knowledge bases to specialist case management tools.

High data security goes with the territory – naturally. Above and beyond that, our thinking focuses on usability and availability. For a sector that’s always on, information needs to be accessible quickly and easily, with an intuitive interface that enhances the whole experience, whoever’s on the keyboard.

Our projects have revolutionised the way firms manage paperwork for Family Court litigation and successfully shifted legal and regulatory documents to a better, faster cloud solution.

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Our education-focused software solutions are used across primary, secondary and tertiary education. We prioritise user engagement, designing interfaces that stimulate active participation and yield valuable real-time feedback.

We take a research-driven approach, integrating ourselves within educational settings to make sure our designs meet user needs. Integrating learning analytics, we offer insights into student engagement, assisting risk identification, and support strategies.

Previous projects span everything from curriculum management and learning analytics to school administration, learning delivery and course creation platforms.

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Data publishers

For data publishers, domain expertise and sector-specific information is king. Our job is to make sure customers can get the maximum value from everything you do.

We work with a large number of specialist publishers, focusing on innovative data collection techniques and automated data collection via systems integration, always making sure users are shown rich visualisations and clear, effective data presentation.

The sector knowledge is yours. Enabling your customers to interrogate and understand that data is our speciality.

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Over more than 20 years in business, we can count a huge range of startups among our past clients – and we’re proud to say that many have gone on to eight-figure sales.

Bring us your sketch on a napkin (or wherever you are on your journey) and we’ll support with everything you need to turn it into a living, breathing business – from defining your business model and mapping out operational design, to helping you hire your first devs.

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Case study

Moving StREAM to the cloud: an AWS journey

The future of education lies in harnessing the power of data. StREAM's revolutionary analytics tool helped identify struggling students, but it was at the brink of becoming outdated.

Bringing Stream into the AWS realm ensured that universities had the tool they needed, right in the modern tech space where it would thrive.

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We craft trailored solutions for unique challenges, not off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all. We thrive on finding beautiful answers to complex challenges, using our experience and expertise to create results you can rely on.

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Teamwork is at the heart of everything we do – trusting our people has always been one of our key values. With mixed-function development teams, we run our projects along agile lines.

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