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Unique, without reinventing
the wheel

When we say we design each system for our client’s specific needs, that’s true.

We use whatever tools and technologies are right for the job. That said, most of our projects share similarities, and we’ve got plenty of experience in the ways of addressing these common needs.

The systems we build demand industry-leading security, compliance, availability, capacity, and performance. But at the same time, they need to keep costs in proportion. That’s where our experience becomes very valuable.

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High-standard systems

Typically, our systems are cloud native, serverless and highly

As standard, we deliver systems with continuous deployment pipelines
and all infrastructure implemented with infrastructure-as-code (IaC) techniques.

Our work consistently passes rigorous architectural, security and compliance reviews in the finance, legal, education, and medical sectors.

The right system for you

We’ll work with you to identify the solutions that best suit your business, bearing your future goals in mind.

Whether that's organisational, capital, sales and marketing plans, or timelines, we’ll sit with you to assess the trade-offs around high availability, security, compliance, disaster recovery, operating cost, flexibility, and robustness.

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Our technologies and services

While every job is unique, a typical delivery is likely to include a diverse array of technologies and services. We won't just use these, we'll also provide architectural blueprints, operational guides, comprehensive runbooks and playbooks, and any other resources you might require.

Here's a snapshot of what we typically use

Cloud-based code execution

Running Typescript or Python code in the cloud, using functions-as-a-service or Kubernetes.

API integration

Including REST and/or GraphQL APIs as core design elements, often accompanied by OpenAPI documentation.

User interface development

Crafting user interfaces with Typescript/React for a seamless user experience.

Key-value stores

Implementing key-value stores for handling transactional data.

Data management

Using relational databases, data lakes and/or warehouses for analytics data storage and management.

Queuing & messaging

Applying queues and messaging systems for background processing, notifications and broadcast messages.

Redis caches

Using Redis caches for efficient data retrieval.

Search tools

Employing ElasticSearch or Solr for advanced faceted and full-text search functionalities.

Authentication systems

Implementing service-based authentication and authorization systems such as AWS Cognito, Azure AD, Auth0, and Okta.

Infrastructure management

Infrastructure-as-code implementation with AWS CDK or Azure Bicep.

Deployment pipelines

Setting up continuous deployment pipelines using AWS CodePipeline or Azure DevOps.

Quality control

Using static analysis tooling, integrated with source code repositories for quality assurance.

Continuous integration

Implementing continuous integration with CircleCI or your chosen CI platform.

Monitoring systems

Integrated monitoring, telemetry and observability using Datadog for optimal operational management.

System integration

Incorporating your business systems and selected third-party systems for cohesive operation.

ETL solutions

Managed ETL solutions to meet your data import/export needs.

Case study

The Key: Seek first to understand

As schools become less dependent on local authorities, The Key – a national information service for school leaders – has become an increasingly important source of knowledge and ideas for education professionals. It provides instant answers to their questions on every aspect of managing a school.

We were there for its launch in 2007 and we were proud to have helped it evolve over the years. But by 2016, we knew this was a transformation whose time had come. The Key needed to present new types of information in new ways. The answer was a better content management system that recognised how people were actually using it. In this case, that meant moving from Plone to Wagtail.

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We craft trailored solutions for unique challenges, not off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all. We thrive on finding beautiful answers to complex challenges, using our experience and expertise to create results you can rely on.

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The Isotoma way

Teamwork is at the heart of everything we do – trusting our people has always been one of our key values. With mixed-function development teams, we run our projects along agile lines.

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From our software architecture consulting services, through digital technology strategy, to expert devops and cloud management services, we're with you every step of the way.

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