Case study


A leap ahead for legal software
  • Tech: Cognito, Lamda, DynamoDB, KMS
  • Time: 12 months
  • Team: 2 devs
  • Host: AWS
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The challenge

Adapting to an ever-evolving legal landscape.

Quantum, Class Legal's flagship application, changed how firms managed paperwork for Family Court litigations, simplifying the daunting and time-consuming task of managing paperwork and offering law firms a much-needed respite.

However, the rapid pace of legal changes necessitated Quantum's evolution to maintain its relevance, necessitating a complete rethink.

In a world where legal changes are constant, how could Class Legal maintain Quantum's reputation of being up-to-date, secure and robust?

The proposition

Elevating Quantum's potential with a digital transformation.

Remaining a desktop application was limiting Quantum’s potential. Our approach? Transcend the desktop. Quantum's new life was online, with a refreshed look and advanced functionalities. We bolstered it with ...

  1. Version Control: For real-time collaboration and change monitoring.
  2. Modern UX: An enhanced, intuitive user interface.
  3. Serverless Hosting: With AWS powerhouses - Cognito, DynamoDB, and Lambda.

Incorporating these ensured Quantum was not just transformed, but also future-ready.

The project journey

A secure and seamless move.

With so much sensitive legal information at stake, it was paramount that the program was supported by a stringent security system. We’re ISO271001-certified, with both AWS Certified Security Specialists and CSSPs; certifications that back up our knowledge and expertise in protecting our customers’ data in cloud-based applications.

The team at Class Legal was reassured that its flagship product and their client's data would be protected with end-to-end security, and that we could move their existing data securely.

The impact

Case study

Bringing a fresh Perspective to essential pension industry data

Pendragon, a specialist provider of legal and regulatory information services to the UK pensions industry, is rightly proud of its flagship product, Perspective. But this indispensable electronic information service was showing its age – and resisting attempts to drag it up to date.

To hang on to its position, cloud-based convenience was a must. But two previous attempts to shift it from desktop to SaaS had failed for being too slow. How could we overcome the technical barriers to bring Perspective up to date without losing performance?

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